August 1, 2005               The Ei Diopter               Dan Larsen, Editor


Welcome to the Evidence Incorporated Newsletter.

This Newsletter was created by our editor, above, to provide news, information and important topical matters our clients may be interested in, dealing with the ever-growing topics of concern to every American citizen. This Newsletter, updated quarterly, as our schedule provides, for a quick and easy way for you tobuscardz05 stay up to date and get the latest information wherever and whenever you need it.

For questions, comments, or to request additional information about the Diopter, (which is the correct nomenclature for the eye-piece of any camera, through which, the operator must view the subject matter), proceed to the Contact Us page to communicate directly with our staff.

Thanks for visiting, browsing the content of our current issue, and putting the resources of The Diopter to work for you. If you are new to our company and would like to receive our Newsletter by e-mail, please complete the sign up form below or send us an e-mail at

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