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"Scope and Objective"  Interviews

The client's experience with Evidence, Inc. begins with what we call a "Scope and Objective" interview.  Usually it's done in  a face-to-face meeting, (but logistical considerations may limit us to a lengthy phone call), and we'll be asking lots of questions about your circumstances, the  people involved, the facts as you know them, a review of documents that you may have, photos you might provide, and license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, and other data we'll need, in order to proceed. 

With all these considerations, we can then apply our expertise and begin an investigative effort to learn the truth, and present it  in a manner that is in your best interests. We'll decide on the "scope" of the investigation, . . . That is to say that we need to define the parameters,  or limits, of the investigation.  We'll also decide on the objective(s) that we hope to attain, through the investigative effort.  Those objectives  will be the focus of the investigative report that will be compiled during the  course of the investigative effort. At the conclusion of the Scope and Objective  interview, we will both sign a written document allowing each of us to understand what to expect from the other. As with all legal  professionals, we expect to receive a retainer fee, before any work is completed.  This interview is free, and rarely takes less than 30 minutes and many will last well over an hour.

You should come away knowing that Evidence Incorporated offers the highest quality of investigative service on the market today. Since January of 1990, we have provided superior service to  our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals.  Our cumulative total of nearly fifty years of intense investigative experience coupled with a huge commitment to excellence have earned us the  reputation as the best private investigative firm in the area.

Our Values

Leadership:  Our founder, Dan Larsen is a past-president of the IAPI, and on a national basis, he served as co-chairman on the NCISS State Association Advisory Board.

With the services at Evidence Incorporated, you receive the kind of  quality and dedication you expect from a leader.  Our company is  always evolving as our clients' needs change, and as new laws  effecting  the objectives become a focus to consider.  For over ten years, there's been a movement afoot, in each state legislature, as well as the US Congress, to protect your privacy, and make sure that crime of identity theft doesn't get any worse.  The problem is, there  are unintended consequences associated with that effort, as our elected representatives need to be aware of many circumstances you may experience, before they make new laws limiting the access to that data.  It's a very complex problem. Evidence, Inc. is  constantly putting forth a huge effort to educate those legislators, and  protect your rights to investigate and know the truth, as it effects your circumstances and your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We stay in contact with all our elected representatives on a regular basis, and like to think we've had an effect on your privacy, safety,  and abilities to know and understand the legalities that will effect the  rest of your life and/or profit margins.

You can rest assured that, working with Evidence Incorporated, you will enjoy access to the latest services, technology, and legal developments in the investigative profession.

Teamwork:  We make it our responsibility to know you and your situation. We work closely with you to  ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet the test of truth, as well as your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to  truth, and the portrayal of it,  with ONLY  your best interests in  mind.

Customer Relations: At Evidence Incorporated, our highest priority is satisfied clients. You are important  to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile to meet your objectives. Superior customer service is the hallmark of Evidence Incorporated. We are proud to serve you and we'll work hard to earn your respect.



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