Since 1990, Evidence, Inc. has been successful in helping its clients locate collectible assets.

If you have a judgment, we can help you (in compliance with Federal law) find where your debtor's financial institution is located.

In addition, we can locate where your debtor is currently employed in order that you can garnish the debtor's wages.

Our fees are reasonable and we obtain the information in a timely manner.




Evidence, Inc. provides asset locating services for the legal, investigative and debt collection/liquidation industries.  Although we are NOT a collection agency, we do offer public and non-public searches in full compliance with Gramm Leach Bliley** and other state and federal guidelines.

Locating assets is now simple and quick. Our products and services offer a comprehensive range of fraud prevention, detection, and recovery solutions – all from a single powerful “Scope and Objective” process interface.

Use Evidence, Inc. for:

Fraud Detection
Complete Asset Profiles
Employment Locations
Mutual & Security Funds

Call 402-399-9559for additional information. 

**In order to achieve full compliance with Gramm, Leach, Bliley (Public Law 106-102 “GLB”) Evidence, Inc. shall require that all search requests be based on a Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) permissible purpose as stated in §604, 15 U.S.C. § 1681b.

The language of GLB can be construed to define an information broker as a “financial institution” because of the activities in which it engages. As such, our company might have an obligation to protect what is termed “personally identifiable financial information” under the Act.

However, §502(e) of GLB states exceptions to personal financial information disclosure restrictions, among them,

8) to comply with Federal, State, or local laws, rules, and other applicable legal requirements; to comply with a properly authorized civil, criminal, or regulatory investigation or subpoena or summons by Federal, State, or local authorities; or to respond to judicial process or government regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the financial institution for examination, compliance, or other purposes as authorized by law.

In addition §506(c) of GLB states:

RELATION TO OTHER PROVISIONS- Except for the amendments made by subsections (a) and (b), nothing in this title shall be construed to modify, limit, or supersede the operation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and no inference shall be drawn on the basis of the provisions of this title regarding whether information is transaction or experience information under section 603 of such Act.

Taken together, both sections appear to exempt personal financial information disclosure restrictions for collection matters, judgments, child support as well as other FCRA permissible purposes. For matrimonial cases, a spouse’s signed authorization will now be required in order to search for any jointly held assets. For estate matters, a similar authorization by an executor is required. You may submit these authorizations in a separate plain language document along with your order or you may have the applicable party sign the revised Search Request Form™ where indicated. Please login with your client account number in order to download our new forms.

Pretext & Reserved Rights
Evidence, Inc. does not employ the pretext method in order to locate assets of customers of financial institutions. Evidence, Inc. may reject any search request if in its sole discretion the search request does not meet acceptable standards.

Searches of Massachusetts Residents
Despite the exemptions provided for by GLB as noted above, Evidence, Inc. will not perform bank or brokerage account location work (searches J1-J3, S, V and X on our price list) for any resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts without a court order or subpoena, or in matrimonial or estate cases, without the signed authorization of a spouse or executor respectively. A 1999 Massachusetts ruling in Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Source One Associates, Inc. et al, Superior Court, Suffolk SS No. 980507H, held that it is a violation of MA consumer protection statutes to obtain account information without the authorization of the consumer regardless of the underlying matter.

We hope that our efforts to ensure that all work is performed legally enhances your confidence and trust. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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