Are you ready for the Lawsuit that you WILL, at some point, have to face??

In an increasingly 
litigious and greedy society, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to be sued.

Are you a juicy target for a lawsuit? You may not think so. It’s true that you have a few assets—a thriving small business (emphasis on small), a home that’s nice but far from ostentatious, an income that’s, well, respectable—but wealthy? No. Wealthy is the Hollywood plastic surgeon or the gazillionaire who made a killing in the ’90s. Wealthy is Bill Gates, or our friend and neighbor, Warren Buffet. Those are the people who should worry about asset protection, not some small-town entrepreneur who puts in twelve-hour workdays and coaches Little League on Saturdays. Right?

“Absolutely wrong,” says Dan Larsen, and adds,  “people think that only the super-wealthy, those with more than $5 million in assets, need to aggressively guard against lawsuits. Just the opposite is true. If someone with a small ‘fortune’ of a million dollars or so in assets loses, say $700,000 in court, he will be severely affected. He may no longer be able to retire. The extremely wealthy person could pay the $700,000 without noticing a change in his lifestyle—especially considering that he probably has a strong asset protection plan in place already.”

But what about little ole you? Are you really likely to get sued? Well, the harsh reality is that many, if not most, of the 70,000 civil lawsuits filed every day in America target small business owners and middle-to-upper income Americans with less than $1 million in net worth. And Larsen—whose asset protection firm serves clients who might be described as “comfortable but not quite rich”—says assuming you won’t be on the losing end of litigation is a risky gamble.

“The U.S. civil justice system has been corrupted into a gigantic get-rich-quick lottery,” says Larsen. “Americans sue each other for every conceivable complaint, regardless of merit. There is no real reason not to, since our tort system doesn’t make the loser pay. Winning the lawsuit lottery is depressingly simple. Just manufacture a grievance, find a lawyer to take the case on contingency, and sue. In an age in which accountability and responsibility are dying, it’s increasingly likely that even people of relatively modest means will eventually be targeted.”

The Lawsuit Lottery is Larsen’s effort to shed light on America’s broken justice system, expose the devastating harm being inflicted on our country and suggest urgent reforms. It’s a fascinating—and sobering—read. Some of it is available on his blog, at 

But in the current absence of real justice, how can you protect yourself?   What can you do to avoid a lawsuit?

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