Domestic Violence Investigations (DV) 

Many spouses do not report DV to the police, because they do not want their spouse to be arrested (as well as other reasons.) However not reporting past or present DV incidents can create problems in the future. It can later cause the police or the DA's office to come to the conclusion that the DV incidents may have never happened. Making it difficult to prosecute later. If that’s you, Evidence Inc. offers you a great alternative. We can do an extensive DV investigation including but not limited to ~

We will keep all the details of this case strictly confidential, unless and until we have your permission to discuss it publicly, (as in the case of a press release/news conference or a missing person case), and WE WILL NOT NOTIFY THE POLICE, (unless there are lives in danger - at which time we are obligated to report the immediate danger to 911, as though we are a just a concerned citizen).   
All reports and evidence will be retained by us, until you instruct our staff differently (As in the case where we'd be reporting to your attorney, or in the mean time, you decide you need copies (which must be in compliance with all privacy statutes, since much of the data is covered by local, state and federal law).  Statutorily, we must maintain custody of all other evidence, until it's turned over to the court.  If there is to be an appeal, and the court deems it necessary, we maintain custody and control of that evidence, until the case is adjudicated.  We wont even discuss the case with your spouse. Although, if you'd like, we can secure a statement from your spouse.  As prior law enforcement, our staff has worked thousands of DV cases.   Remember there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!