Have you ever called the police regarding a problem with a neighbor, and they couldn't help you? The police officer said, "I'm sorry ma'am (or sir,) we can't help you, it's a civil problem!"  (many times this is truly the case, but just as often, the cops are looking for a way to avoid writing the obligatory reports, inherent with these issues)

I myself have been on both sides of this, all too common, problem. We at Evidence Inc., will do what the police officer either 'couldn't do,' or 'wouldn't do.'  If the police detective wont do it, then the private detective will. We make house calls. We do the necessary surveillance, to document the activities the neighbor is up to, to help you and local law enforcement decide whether there is truly a violation of law, or just a problem that can be ironed out, among fair-minded, adult citizens of this Great Nation. 

Civil problems (defense or plaintiff)

We also do Residential Security Assessments, and can help you to protect your assets!