Are you considering moving to a new area.

Your home (or apartment) may be your dream house, with the white picket fence, and well manicured landscaping.

However you may be getting into something that your not aware of.

Evidence Inc. will go into your possible future neighborhood, and contact any or all persons who live on that street.

We can obtain statements from current residences (regarding possible problems,) and/or  survey the area for the following.

We will have a general list of questions to ask them. However we would be happy to accommodate you, by including your more specific questions,  that you desire. 

Most often the realtors do not let potential buyers speak with the seller. If you desire, we will even contact the sellers, and ask them why they are 'really' moving. Although it can sometimes be more time consuming, locating the sellers. 

We will not advise the persons contacted, who we are working for.

In the past I have provided registered sex information, which was not available to the general public. 

However due to the passing of legislation, that same information that was formally only available to police officers and PIs, is now available to the general public (Megans Law.) This new law will now allow the public, to use their personal computers, to view information on registered sex offenders (including a photo and address.)  

To avoid the tracking of their activities, sex offenders frequently move without telling the authorities. Consequently they often no longer live at the address provided to you, on the Megans Law web site.

If you wish, I can go to that location for you, and confirm or deny if the sex offender still lives there. <>