Here we can provide you with a variety of specific services from our Special Investigations Section. For these services we must pay information brokers and others for these services. Therefore our costs for these services vary depending upon each service. 

  • Customers name & address of phone numbers
  • Pager/Cellular Info
  • Utility Searches
  • National Criminal Checks
  • Sex & Violent Offenders Mutli State Registry
  • Sanctions Against Foreign Nationals Checks
  • Post Office Box Breaks
  • Social Security Traces
  • Residential/Business Tolls
  • Telephone Cris-Cross
  • Superior Court Criminal Checks
  • Superior Court Civil Checks
  • Federal Court Checks 
  • Locating bank accounts 


  • Death Record Searches
  • Statewide Property
  • Professional License Checks
  • Corporations & Ltd Partnerships
  • Eviction Inquiries
  • Fictitious Business Name Checks