Evidence Inc. can provide you with an incredibly reliable, innovative Electronic Vehicle Tracking Device (EVTS) .

Our system is not cellular. It is monitored via a Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) which is the same system our Department of Defense utilizes for its weapons delivery missions of the U.S. Armed Forces.  The GPS signals are produced by a constellation of satellites and are available at all times.

Our system is very accurate. A typical location is accurate to +/- 24 feet. When viewing a vehicle traveling on an Interstate, you can usually determine which lane the vehicle is in. From the other side of North America you can 'zoom in' on the vehicle and see what 'hundred blocked' it is parked. Including but not limited to, the restaurants and motels the vehicle is nearby.

We will provide you with our provider's web site. Once logged on with your user name and password, you then can monitor the vehicle in question. Our provider uses Microsoft MapPoint for its mapping which is extremely easy to use and friendly to your eyes.

You will be able to monitor your subject's vehicle from your own home or office computer. You will be able to see the vehicle's average speed, what street they're on, direction of travel, how long it's parked, when the engine started and turned off, etc. This data is archived in a database, so that you can actually see its location on a map, or in a printed vehicle history report format. You then may run reports, reach your conclusions about where the vehicle was, how long it was there, and so much more.

The most difficult task is ours.  That is gaining control of the vehicle so we can install it. For more details please contact us.