Do You Have To Pay A Community Defender?

Facing any legal cases can be hassle for any person because it does not only consume a lot of your time, but it also consumes a lot of money just to have an attorney. Fortunately, there are community defender that is always available to represent anyone on court who needs legal services but does not have any budget.

Who are these people? Why are they offering free legal services to the people in need? These people are part of different non-profit organizations that aims to give legal services without any payment or asking any favor in return. We can safely call them as “good Samaritans” because they are doing it out of goodwill.

Types of Public Defenders

There are different public or community defender in any country. Some of them are sponsored by the state while some are being supported by non-government organizations just to give public service to the people. Today, we will look at the three common types of public defenders that people can go to in case they need some legal advice.

Legal Clinics

The legal clinics are mostly sponsored by some big law firms and universities out of their goodwill and to provide free legal services to the people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Some of the people working in these clinics are law interns who are studying for their bar exams.

Public Law Firms

Some law firms are founded just to provide free legal services or aids to the public. It is their mission to help the people in need especially those who are facing any civil cases that were being taking advantage of companies who does not pay their salary on time.

Pro Bono Attorneys

These attorneys are people who willingly donates their time and legal service to the people out of their sheer goodwill and pure kindness. They really feel burdened to help those people in need but cannot afford to have a good attorney because they do not have enough funds.

While some of these attorneys are doing it voluntary, some of them are forced by the law (depends on the country) just like in the United States wherein their attorneys are required to donate at least 50 hours of free legal service to the people.


In summary, we can call these public defenders as heroes of the people. They do not ask for payments just to give their legal services to the people. These lawyers have a pure and kind heart because they are willing to help people without asking in return.