Slip And Fall Accidents: When The Property Owner Is At Fault

There are an enormous number of slip and fall accidents all year round, not just during snowy winter months. Most of those cases are being brought into court because people are seeking damages from property owners. But is there always someone at fault? Or maybe it is just a mere accident?

Today, we will look how people can prove that the property owner is at fault for their accident and recover damages under civil law. We will discuss what the plaintiff should provide to the court of law to prove the property owner guilty of the charge and receive compensation for their injuries.

Things Needed to Prove at The Court of Law

In every civil law case brought to the court of law, the plaintiff must be able to present enough evidence to prove their claim against the defendant. If there is not enough proof, the property owner cannot be held responsible for the slip and fall accidents that occurred on their property.

However, if you have the things needed that can prove the fault of the property owner at the court of law which we will discuss, you are free to file a case and brought it into trial.

Liability of Property Owners

If the plaintiff can give evidence to the court of law that the property owner has been neglecting to repair the premises that has dangerous or unsafe condition, the court of law may consider the case and put it on trial.

The property owner should have known what is best and must have repair it immediately upon knowing the condition. Delaying or avoiding repairs is a sign of negligence and it is already a probable cause of the incident.

Reasonable Alibi

The plaintiff should also be able to prove to the court of law that the alibis of the property owner are not reasonable. They should have enough evidence to counter the claim of the defendant who claims to have repaired the property before the accident happens.

If the plaintiff cannot give any proof for that, the defendant or the property owner will not be held responsible to the accident and will not give any compensation to the injury of the victim.


To help you prove that the property owner is at fault or guilty with the slip and fall accident, you should provide enough evidence. A great personal injury attorney is also a plus to help you win the case you have filed on the court of law. To prevent any type of accident, always be careful and watch every step you make.