What To Do When The Police Stop You For DUI?

For some unfortunate reason while driving home from a party, the police stop you for DUI. What should you do? In this article, we will discuss practical tips to know if the police pull you over because they are accusing you of driving under the influence.

What To Do When Cops Stops You

A lot of people start to panic when the police signal them to pull over. They do not know what to do or what to say, especially when the cops stop them for DUI. Today, we will give some practical tips that are recommended by legal experts on this kind of case.

Stay Calm and Relax

Whenever cops signal you to pull over, you should remain calm and relax. Pull your car on the side and be polite when talking to the police. Remember, these cops are already accusing you of driving under the influence and they are just looking for “probable cause” to arrest you right away.

Being calm and polite will give the police a hard time to find a probable cause to arrest you. Usually, people who are under the influence are aggressive and tends to talk back to the police in a bad manner.

Do Not Admit and Be Quiet

If the cops cannot find a probable cause to arrest you by how the way you act, they will start to ask questions. These police will probably ask you, “where have you been?” and “have you been drinking?” When you start hearing these questions, do not admit that you have been drinking.

People usually say to the police that they just drank two beers hoping that they will get away with it. However, it is not a good answer. If you say that you only drank 2 beers, you already gave the police a probable cause to arrest you. It is better just to be quiet and never admit anything.

Claim Your Rights

After remaining calm and being quiet, the cops will probably ask you to undergo some tests right away. If that happens, you should start claiming your right to be silent in a polite way and ask for an DUI attorney. Remember, anything that you say or do are being recorded by the police through their body cams.


These practical tips that were mentioned will probably help you when the cops started to pull you over. However, the best way to prevent this situation is to never drive when you attended a party with drinks. It is the safest way not just for the cops to stop you, but also to prevent any accidents.